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Fabtron Corporation

Fabtron Corporation has been providing products and services for over 25 years. It all began as a small metal fabrication shop. It has since developed into also consisting of product lines involving the production of oil reservoir tanks, and display carts and wagons. Fabtron Corporation is a growing business that sells its products worldwide. The mission of the Fabtron Corporation is to provide unsurpassed quality and services related to metal, wood, and plastic products; providing continuous education and training, while assisting our employees to enhance their personal and professional lives.

Fabtron Corporation
1820 S. Sprott St., Auburn, IN 46706
Toll Free: (888) 432-2876
Phone: (260) 925-5770
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Product Lines

Everlube Reservoirs

Everlube Reservoirs Everlube Reservoirs

Everlube Reservoirs is a manufacturer of Oil Reservoir Tanks designed for trucks, generators, heavy equipment, oil rigs, marine, or any engine. These oil reservoirs can be conveniently filled and maintained. This completely eliminates having to buy oil when the engine is low. Using an Oil Reservoir, you will know that your $200 - $35,000+ investment won't be destroyed due to low oil damage.

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Frontier Carriages

Frontier Carriages Frontier Carriages

Frontier Carriages manufactures unique wooden wagons and carts designed to match any display they are placed with. There are many wagons and carts to choose from including the Flower Cart, Peddlers Cart, Kiosks, Covered Wagon, Western Wagon, Planter Wagon, and many more. Depending on your display or landscape we have a large selection of products for you to pick from. We are sure we have a Frontier Carriage that will complete your display.

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Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabtrication

Fabtron Corporation was established solely with customized metal fabrication. Our shop is stocked with the tooling and equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Please contact us with your fabrication needs for a quote that exceeds the competition.