Metal Fabrication

Do you want to use a metal design and manufacturing service? Do you need to build a flower cart, planter wagon, or custom tank? Fabtron Corporation will help you through metal fabrication. We are at the top of the metal fabrication industry in Auburn, IN, and the surrounding areas. Our years of experience are enough to provide what you need for your personal and professional life. 

Why are metal fabrication and welding important?

Metal fabrication is the process of making products or metal structures through cutting, bending, and assembling several metal materials. Our metal fabrication process involves three different phases, including design, fabrication, and installation. We are small metal parts manufacturers and build many other metal products such as mountain brackets. 


In today’s world, the life of human beings relies on metal fabrication designs. You can’t run electrical systems without it. Metal fabrication makes your house, kitchen, business, and vehicles operational. We create various metal products from small to big, including reservoir tanks, wagons, brackets, etc. Call us to build high-quality metal products. 

Key advantages of metal fabrication with us

We run raw metal materials through fabrication to create different products and parts. Our fabrication process includes welding, cutting, burning, forming, and machining, etc. Products fabricated by us are advantageous in many ways. 


If you need to build a wine carriage, peddlers cart, or any type of hardware, Fabtron Corporation will assist you in all these things. We are a team of experienced individuals working hard to create great metal products. Our designed products combine the following benefits:

Using a custom metal fabrication company provides critical parts that you need to run a particular project. If you are a resident of Waterloo, IN or Altona, In or the surrounding areas, contact us for timely and quality services.