Welding and Fabrication

Looking for the best welding and fabrication service in Avilla, IN? Do you need a fabrication service that creates cost-effective solutions? At Fabtron Corporation, we have been creating unique metal structures since 1986. We don’t implement the same procedure for all projects. 


Our certified professionals consider your design plan, budget, and application intent to create a whole new process for your project. The process required for your project may include welding and fabrication based on your specific considerations. 

What are welding and fabrication?

We are problem solvers. We can make the most out of welding and fabrication to develop unique metal structures and designs for your home and business. If you are confused about the terms welding and fabrication, we will clear it. 


Welding and metal fabrication are two different things, but many people often use them interchangeably. While fabrication is a broad term that includes welding, both play a vital role when it comes to creating beautiful metal products such as flower carts, planter wagons, and more.  


When the metal is prepared in the fabrication process, welding is used to assemble metal parts. Welding is widely used across industries to develop metal parts, structural components, and equipment. It is the entire process of creating new products through drilling, machining, bending, and welding when it comes to fabrication. 

Our welding and fabrication methods create error-free metal products.

We are the best metal fabricator in Auburn, Indiana, because we use different welding techniques for unique metal creations. We have fabricating engineers trained with new methods of fabrication and welding. Fabtron Corporation has been in the fabrication industry for decades and has won the hearts of thousands of people. That is why we are your reliable company for all your metal fabrication needs. 


We seek your approval for our fabricated designs before moving to the final product. Our fabrication process involves casting, cutting and machining, and many other steps to make you satisfied with the product you need. 


What are you waiting for? Book an appointment today and share your dream metal designs with us. We will make it happen with our years of experience.